Honour & Sacrifice

An Authorised Biography by Durga Poonambalam

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” I didn’t want a lifestyle in football;
I wanted a life in football. “

Fandi has defied the odds to become one of Singapore’s most beloved personalities. The biography offers a first-hand insight into the relentless hard work, motivations and sacrifices Fandi Ahmad made since he started playing football as a young boy.

Author Durga Poonambalam writes about Fandi’s life as reflected and related by him. Journeying with Fandi and his family, she takes us through the football legend’s mindset, events that shaped Fandi and his 3DS (Determination, Dedication, Discipline and Sacrifice) philosophy instrumental to his success. The book offers rarely seen photographs and illustrations of moments in Fandi’s life.

An inspirational biography of what it takes to achieve your goals, Fandi: Honour & Sacrifice is particularly important for anyone who believes in their aspirations, is looking to ignite a sense of purpose, and is courageous enough to turn ambition into reality.


By Durga Poonambalam
Illustrated. 472 pages. WriteHaus Asia

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29 May 2022

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Playing barefoot as a child provided me with a professional advantage. It gave me better control of the ball. My active childhood was a good starting point for me as a football player. My agility and instinct for the game came from years of dynamic movement, from climbing trees, catching spiders, grasshoppers, and chickens, chased by dogs and loving life in the outdoors.


Durga Poonambalam is the author of Fandi: Honour & Sacrifice and a business owner. She is the Creative Director of WriteHaus Asia, a creative agency based in Singapore. She was inspired to write Fandi’s biography after her husband Allan asked her, “who would you write for in Singapore?” and she replied, “Fandi Ahmad”. When not writing, she can be found watching thrillers or reading a biography.


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